Error messages in capture!

2021-09-21T10:14:22: [INFO] Starting 180 seconds exposure.
2021-09-21T10:14:18: [INFO] Starting 180 seconds exposure.
2021-09-21T10:14:18: [ERROR] Exposure failed to parse raw image.
2021-09-21T10:14:18: [ERROR] Cannot open /tmp/indi_JtjBeM: Input/output error
2021-09-21T10:14:18: [INFO] Exposure done, downloading image...
2021-09-21T10:11:18: [INFO] Starting 180 seconds exposure.
2021-09-21T10:11:11: [INFO] Exposure done, downloading image...
2021-09-21T10:11:11: [ERROR] Error downloading image from camera: Unspecified error
2021-09-21T10:08:07: [INFO] Starting 180 seconds exposure.
2021-09-21T10:07:09: [INFO] World Coordinate System is enabled.
2021-09-21T10:07:08: [INFO] Device configuration applied.
2021-09-21T10:07:08: [INFO] Force BULB is enabled. All expsures shall be captured in BULB mode except for subsecond captures.
2021-09-21T10:07:08: [INFO] Upload settings set to client only.
2021-09-21T10:07:08: [INFO] Loading device configuration...
2021-09-21T10:07:07: [INFO] Detected Sony Corporation Model ILCE-5000.
2021-09-21T10:07:07: [INFO] Sony is online.