Ian replied to the topic 'KStars memory leak and crash' in the forum. 7 months ago

Good idea. I've tested by

sudo systemctl stop astropanel.service indiwebmanager.service indi-mqtt.service
and verifying the processes stopped. Unfortunately, still seeing a leak.

Additionally, I built KStars and libindi from master on my x86_64 desktop and attempted to reproduce the memory leak without luck. Also built the 3.5.5 KStars and 1.9.2 libindi tags (versions astroberry is using), no dice.

Simple repro on astroberry:
1. backup and then rm -r ~/.local/share/kstars ~/.indi ~/.config/kstarsrc for a fresh start
2. launch KStars
3. launch Ekos
4. wizard local devices -> create profile -> add simulator telescope and CCD
5. start Ekos
6. go to guider tab -> loop
7. Check RES memory usage via htop, check again every few minutes and notice a steady increase

It doesn't appear to matter which tab it's left on. I've tested switching to the Scheduler tab in case it was due to images/charts updating but it still leaks.