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Thank you very much for your reply!

Yes, I made a roof drive using a gearbox and a stepper motor. Now the roof is controlled by a remote control.

I wrote a program on Arduino + Ethernet W5100 + 2 relays. This program creates a web server where there are two buttons, they control the relays, which in turn close the contacts of the roof drive and the roof closes / opens. I want to make it controlled via INDI (for example, I saw in INDI the possibility of NOT closing the roof while the telescope is NOT parked).

The following commands are implemented:
1. Opening the roof
2. Closing the roof
3. Contact position sensor "ROOF CLOSED"
4. Contact position sensor "ROOF OPEN"

I don’t understand how INDI drivers (for example indi_rolloff_dome OR Talon6) send commands to the microcontroller (Arduino). For example on TTL port? Any text commands? For example, if I knew that the indi_rolloff_dome driver sends the OPEN command via the TTL port, I could easily accept it on Arduino and close the necessary relay.

Help understand what commands send drivers to the microcontroller?