Collin replied to the topic 'INDI Driver for SVBONY cameras' in the forum. 9 months ago

Hi folks,

I'm working on the temperature control on the SV405CC, and I have a question.

The SVBony SDK controls for camera cooling are somewhat different from the INDI default controls.

SVBony provides :

- Powering the cooler ON/OFF
- Setting the cooler power (0 - 100%)
- Reading the current temperature
- Setting the target temperature

INDI provides :

- Setting the target temperature
- Setting the cooling/warming ramp
- Setting the temperature hysteresis

What should I do ?

- Try to wrap all the SVBony controls onto the INDI controls, and only them ?
- Try to mix the INDI Controls and the SVBony SDK, with extra controls ?
- Provide only the SVBony controls, as a proprietary panel, without the INDI default controls ?

Please notice that I don't have the camera yet (waiting for delivery), so, I'm note able to see how the SDK controls really act.

Best regards !