Thanks for your replay Gene,

Yes, the latter log was obtained in the Mac, where I clicked as fast as I could both manual focus buttons in order to reproduce the same response from the driver. It is not the same operation, but the resulting response was the same.

The Astroberry based kstars/ekos enabled/disabled debug without my intervention and seemed a bit more obscure, that's why I cropped it in the first message... I'm attaching it now anyway, I hope it shows the issue in a better way.

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The lines reading "RoboFocus" is disconnected it's me, manually disconnecting/reconnecting the driver in the indi interface for the process to go on.

Anyway, reviewing the logs again, now I see that every time there is a timeout, it is preceeded by a line reading Linear: un-doing extension. Moving back in by... I guess this happens every time backlash correction is applied.
Perhaps those orders are sent too fast for this focuser? Any other ideas?

As per the power source, it is a 12V 10A power supply. It feeds most of the equipment. I think I will power the focuser from a separate source next time to assure it has nothing to do with this issue.

Thanks for your help, and regards,