I recently purchased StellarMate OS and started learning on how to use it. I am using Star Adventurer as my mount. Now I am working with alignment module of Ekos. Before I proceed further on my problem, following is my setup,

1. Mount: Star Adventurer
2. Telescope: Nikon Nikkor Reflex 500mm, Aperture 88mm and Focal Point 500mm
3. Guide Scope: SVBONY 165, Aperture 30mm and Focal Point 120mm
4. Imaging Camera: Canon EOS 800D (APS-C)
5. Guide Camera: ASI120MM-S

When I setup the FOV symbols for my imaging and guide camera, it calculated 95.4'X63.6' and 137.5'X103.1' respectively. Following are the details I entered to calculate the FOV,
For Imaging Camera:

  1. Focal Length: 800 (Since the sensor is APS-C)
  2. Sensor: W: 6000, H: 4000
  3. Pixel: 3.7

For Guide Camera:
  1. Focal Length: 120
  2. Sensor: W: 1280, H: 960
  3. Pixel: 3.75

Now, when I try the alignment module, some how it could not plate solve the image that it took from guide camera. Initially the log shown that it could not find index files of 4203 and 4204. I downloaded the index files from 4202 onwards. But still it could not plate solve the image. I uploaded the same image to Astrometry.net and it solved the image. The astrometry job link is Astrometry Job .

Another issue that I am facing is, Ekos is not generating the log file. From the logs window I selected "Verbose", "File" and selected the alignment option, but when I click on "Open Logs Folder" it had nothing inside. Therefore I had to manually copy the log from log box in the Ekos window to a file.

I am attaching the log file and fits file for your investigation. Please help me to understand this module.


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