Hi Kurt,

I can imagine it feels like that and I'm in no way the expert in these matters. I have not done guiding like you are trying. I did see KStars perform a bit faster on the Mac in the case of the histogram calculations of the image viewer. It certainly is a nice port/build on macOS.
No need to edit the files. No need to do anything with the db file.
Do turn on debugging for the camera as you can do shown in the attached.

Let me know if you like me to record a little screencast demo of working with the Sony A7S.



Jurgen Doreleijers is friends with Patrick

Go ahead and tell me if I'm wrong but does your setup look something like the below?

So basically you're asking if a INDIlib servers can be joined, running your original one outside together with a new one inside. Looking at:
"indilib.org/what-is-indi/features.html" it mentions "intermediate servers" however in www.clearskyinstitute.com/INDI/INDI-1.5.pdf it becomes clear from the drawing on p.2 that is not what you could use in my glansing impression. Sorry, I'm of no help ;-)

Jasem might have written up some manual for it though as promised at: indilib.org/forum/wish-list/811-connecti...di-servers.html#7055 ;-)

"Chaining" seems to be possible but I don't know if it's desirable for the small problem you try to solve. Nighty night.


Cool. I have no idea about running it with the RPI. Perhaps my below notes can help you to turn on the diagnostic reporting on the different (2?) levels of Kstars and indilib perhaps there are more?
Do you get things working well without the RPI? Simplify first if not and then build up?


=== Settings
* DB ~/Library/Application Support/kstars/userdb.sqlite
* Ekos ~/.indi
* KStars preferences file ~/Library/Preferences/kstarsrc
=== Logs
* Indi using utc time stamps ~/.indi/logs/2021-01-08/indi_sony_ccd/indi_sony_ccd_19/53/15.log
* KStars using local ts ~/Library/Application\ Support/kstars/logs
=== Drivers
* Indi /Applications/KStars.app/Contents/MacOS/indi
=== Data
* KStars Data Directory ~/Library/Application Support/kstars


The images save fine now. What I changed? Not much.

In KStars/Ekos/Indi Control Panel:
Under the tab GPhoto CCD, tab Options:
"Force BULB" set to Off instead of On.
"Debug Levels" to include "Driver Debug".

Tested with settings in Ekos "CCD" tab with settings as shown below.
Exposure: 2
Count: 2
Delay: 3 (This might be important; see www.gphoto.org/news/ section: "libgphoto2 2.5.26 release" )
ISO: 100

In Camera:
M modus
AF set to AEF (should not be relevant)

Camera Tab >
4 >
ISO set to 100
DRO/Auto HDR set to "Off" (This might be important)
5 >
Long Exposure Noise Reduction (NR) set to "Off" (This might be important)
Utility Tab >
5 >
"Format" done but was also done before so should not be relevant.
6 >
"Version" checked to be the latest 3.20

I suspect the delay or the BULB thing fixed my problem. Hopefully it will yours too. Happy - 2021 - New Year!


Hi Guys,

I get my Sony A7S connected to KStars but the setup frequently behaves badly. Let's focus on one problem at the time: saving an image.

I just moved from macOS to Ubuntu hoping I could follow new developments more closely. I installed using the recommended setup:

sudo apt-add-repository ppa:mutlaqja/ppa
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install indi-full kstars-bleeding

Possible issues
- How critical is a good USB cable? How to know if this could be the issue. I have about 10 cables but only one of them seems to connect.
- Newer driver from Gphoto2 needed still? How to install?

I attach my workflow and the logs I was able to find. Please let me know if other info could be useful! It's vacation time now so I have some time to tinker with this.

Best regards,

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Jurgen Doreleijers replied to the topic 'A7S non Bulb mode' in the forum. 2 months ago

To start debugging the issue: does the problem occur when you're in a simpler situation, saving the data locally instead thru Rasberry PI?
Which driver and version are you using.


Hi Peppuccio,
I am starting to use the Sony A7S with EKOS. It is my understanding so far that the driver should NOT be "QHY CCD driver" but "GPhoto CCD". I am still having troubles (crashes) with it as well which is how I found this post. Please stay in touch.


Yeah, it's in that version with me at least. Take a look at the demo, it's easy to miss.
cheers, J.


Directly open FITS file from macOS in KStars

Perhaps it's already possible and I have something misconfigured but when I double click in macOS's Finder on a .fits file then KStars itself opens (configured that well) but doesn't open the FITS viewer with the selected file. Would that be possible to configure/setup?

Thanks for the great work and port (Stephane Lucas) to macOS!

Bye now,

I'm on Build: 2020-07-18T05:21:35Z


Looks like it's already present in macOS as well, nice!