Dirk Tetzlaff created a new topic ' libindi compilation' in the forum. 1 month ago

@Kaczorek: I am having some difficulty "handcompiling" libindi within my astroberry. I am running astroberry on a pi4. I have done update & upgrade & distupgrade last week, so I assume I am current with regard to the version.
I wanted to try the Alt-Az driver for my AZ-EQ6. This driver will not work with the current version of libindi. Geehalel was kind enough to fix the problem and he set up a branch within libindi so I could compile it for my system ( indilib.org/forum/wish-list/7524-alt-az-...-eqmod.html?start=36 ).
However, after following the instructions to compile this branch, I ended up with a libindi which could no longer connect to most of my equipment. Neither the eqmod, nor the altaz driver would work. Only connection to the USB cameras did still work. I than reverted to the official branch by again following the instructions for hand compiling (as set out here: github.com/indilib/indi#building ). Thereafter, my indi would work normal again, but I did not have the benefit of the fixed Alt-Az driver.
Please let me know, whether you have any advice here of what I could do to make it work.
Many thanks & many thanks anyhow for the marvelous work you did with Astroberry. Great system !!!