Federico Parra replied to the topic 'Alt-Az mode for EQmod' in the forum. 4 months ago

Dear Jasem, sorry to be communicating about the same subject on many fronts (Stellarmate support ticket HAYB-000932, Github enhancement demand github.com/indilib/indi/issues/1232 , and now here).
As I mentioned in both other places, the version of the indi_skywatcherAltAzMount driver you are using with the alias AZ-GTI AltAz is the one that still contains the bug that doesn't allow UDP connection with Az-GTI, as explained -and then solved- in this GitHub bug github.com/indilib/indi/issues/1158 ).
So that's the first problem. The second problem for is that when using AZ-GTI in AltAz with indi_skywatcherAltAzMount driver (not your version), it does not track. The driver connects through WiFi (UDP), and then it is parked. If I unpark, it goes somewhere, but when it gets there it doesn't track. I can slew somewhere else (sometimes, sometimes it stops) but again when it gets to destination it does not track.
As the original post demanded, I also think the best would be to have an AltAz "translation layer" between Ekos and AZ-GTI eqmod-based driver, translating from AltAz to EQ and back in every interaction with said driver, would that be possible? Since that driver works seamlessly with AZ-GTI whereas the indi_skywatcherAltAzMount driver does not.