Federico Parra replied to the topic 'Alt-Az mode for EQmod' in the forum. 4 months ago

Ok, I see that you are making it work.
In my case, after switching to the beta channel, only one driver works (AZ-GTI AltAz), all other drivers (including Nikon, etc) give me the "driver xxxx was not found on the system" error (and then Kstars closes). So that's bad, I think I'll have to download the image and start all over again. It's frustrating because I had downloaded the 4+ gb plate solving data files and my connection is slow.

In any case, the AZ-GTI AltAz driver (which does work) does not connect via UDP. I don't know why. The indi-SkyWatcher-AltAzMount driver did connect fine via UDP, but did not track correctly.

My last point was about what I mentioned in github.com/indilib/indi/issues/1232 enhancement: the point is that AZ-GTI driver is a superior driver compared to indi_Skywatcher_AltAzMount in many ways, it has more features and is more stable I think. If I am correct, then my point is that it would be better to make an AltAz version of that driver, an altAz version of the Eqmod driver beneath it. I know that sounds difficult, but that way altaz users would inherit all the advantages of the AZ-GTI driver and you would have a unified driver for altaz/EQ use, I think.