Federico Parra replied to the topic 'Alt-Az mode for EQmod' in the forum. 4 months ago

Dear Jasem, yesterday night I switched back to the Stable Stellarmate channel and after the switch all works, including UDP with AZ-GTI AltAz driver you made.
Unfortunately, as I mentioned, the driver it is based on (indi_skywatcher_altazmount) has bugs.
The first one is that, when tracking, in the Mount section the tracking button is not set to ON (both ON and OFF are greyed out).
The second, more important problem is that when tracking an object, Jupiter for instance, the mount will, every few seconds, slew on its own randomly, for example slew up a little bit, or slew left a little bit, then begin tracking again, then slew again...
When using the Alignment module, plate solving will be interrupted very often with the message "slewing detected aborting solving".
I tried by disabling the SoftPEC option, but crazy slewing continued.
I'm sure this can be solved. I'm also still inclined to think having two different AZ-GTI drivers, one based on indi_skywatcher_altazmount and the other on eqmod might not be the best road, and that it might be better to modify the eqmod based driver to work with altaz instead.