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I have always found it handy to use a CCTV lens like the following to test the software with  my camera without the telescope...

This saves me the bother of having to haul out my scope in the daytime just to do testing.
I have the SV305.



jaytay wrote: Just got done trying the shorter cables. No luck. Same issues. No matter if I set it to 8-bit, 2x, 3x, or 4x binning it hangs. I should have a powered usb hub tomorrow to test. I checked to log files and found nothing about low power warnings or any power warnings of any kind. Attached is a snip of the log file when the hang happens. It will keep timing out then reconnect after about 60 seconds of timeouts. I'll do a clean install of astroberry to see if there are any issues there. Maybe it'll fix my crashing issue when completing a polar alignment.

Have you tried the SV305 with AstroDMx instead of KStars/Ekos?


Very interesting details bdavis.
Considering the SV305 (for example) uses 500mA, there is not much left for other USB "stuff".


JonCarleton wrote: @jaytay -- I run my cameras off a powered USB hub. In the past, I had issues with running them directly off the Pi USB ports. It caused low-power alerts on the Pi. Ever since I started using a powered hub, I stopped having camera issues with the Pi on all the cameras I use. The problem with power was not exclusive to Svbony cameras.

Interesting Jon. How were the power alerts displayed and which OS were you using? I'm running Astroberry.
You are using an RPi 4B I assume.



thx8411 wrote: Hi Ginger,

Did you just put the cap across +5v and ground?

Right, but it's a bit ugly. I don't recommend it.
My QHY5 worked find during 5 years. It died on october.

When do you expect the latest build will be incorporated into Astroberry/AstroDMx?

I don't know. It depends on Jasem's release life cycles. But it will soon be available in the indi nightly repo :

my last one failed.

What kind of error ?

Best regards

Sorry for the delay Blaise.

You can read my timeline starting around post #58438.

I "gave up" at post #59347 because a working driver was released with AstroDMx on Aug 31st.

The process was a little frustrating to this newbie so I took the easy route.

You and all the other contributors were very helpful along the way. I just gave up because I was so anxious to try the SV305 with my RPi 4B.

My programming skills and patience have definitely taken a left turn over the last 30 years.




thx8411 wrote: Hello Ginger,

Thanks for your tests.
The fix as been merged to the main repository.

I never had your capture issue with the SV305, but I had exactly the same problem with a QHY5. It looks like a USB power issue.
My USB power wasn't stable enough, the sensor's analogic/digital converter reference voltage swinged. I Fixed the issue by soldering a filter capacitor.

Best regards,


Thanks Blaise.
When do you expect the latest build will be incorporated into Astroberry/AstroDMx? I rather not attempt another build because my last one failed.


In that case I would start from scratch with a fresh install of Astroberry and KStars/AstroDMx.

That's what I ended up doing.


If you are using KStars then do the following...

sudo apt-get -y install indi-sv305

Otherwise download and install the latest version of AstroDMx (0.78.3). It has the driver built-in.


I need to pick someone's Linux brain.

I currently use RPi-based AstroDMx for astrophoto capture but I would also like to try using my Windows PC-based SharpCap to connect to the RPi based SV305.
I can plug the camera into my Win7 laptop and SharpCap sees it but that means my laptop has to stay outside next to my telescope, to which I remote using Teamviewer.
That's the alternative I used before finding the RPi and AstroDMx, and, of course, the work done by you guys on the RPi driver for the SV305.

I know that the SV305 is not a tty device but is there a way to make it one so the PC SharpCap can see ?
Right now I use ser2net utility to let my PC see my Hand Controller on my Celestron NexStar SE8 mount because the HC is seen as ttyUSB0.

Can I assign a ttyUSBn device name to the camera?




Thanks Blaise.

I just tried another test and I'm getting some light now. I don't know why I was getting black the other day. This test was outside light hitting the CCD (or CMOS) directly with my hand partially blocking the chip.
Exposure time is the default, whatever that is.

I'm using AstroDMx for the time-being until I've got this figured out.




Do you know if KStars/Ekos supports showing live video from the SV305?
I tried both the remote version running on my RPi and the Windows version connected to the INDI Web Manager also running on the RPi.
All I got was a black screen.

I confirmed the camera is still working with SharpCap on Windows.


I agree.
I don't need to introduce problems while I have it running.


You are right.
As soon as I do any kind of capture with the camera, the error messages no longer appear when I "set" the Gain.
Nice catch.

Did you try that patch yoursefl?

How would I apply it?




I'm using a Raspberry Pi 4B with the latest release of Astroberry.

All other setting have no errors.


Sarwar wrote: Gain control works just fine.. probably just needs a few millisecond of sleep. I say so because it happens only when the camera is connected for the first time, i.e. from a power cycle or powering it up for the first time.

I'm glad it actually works.
You are right. I didn't check to see if I got the error if I did multiple manual changed in the INDI Control Panel.

That's a relief.

Thanks for the feedback.