I need to pick someone's Linux brain.

I currently use RPi-based AstroDMx for astrophoto capture but I would also like to try using my Windows PC-based SharpCap to connect to the RPi based SV305.
I can plug the camera into my Win7 laptop and SharpCap sees it but that means my laptop has to stay outside next to my telescope, to which I remote using Teamviewer.
That's the alternative I used before finding the RPi and AstroDMx, and, of course, the work done by you guys on the RPi driver for the SV305.

I know that the SV305 is not a tty device but is there a way to make it one so the PC SharpCap can see ?
Right now I use ser2net utility to let my PC see my Hand Controller on my Celestron NexStar SE8 mount because the HC is seen as ttyUSB0.

Can I assign a ttyUSBn device name to the camera?