thx8411 wrote: Hi Ginger,

Did you just put the cap across +5v and ground?

Right, but it's a bit ugly. I don't recommend it.
My QHY5 worked find during 5 years. It died on october.

When do you expect the latest build will be incorporated into Astroberry/AstroDMx?

I don't know. It depends on Jasem's release life cycles. But it will soon be available in the indi nightly repo :

my last one failed.

What kind of error ?

Best regards

Sorry for the delay Blaise.

You can read my timeline starting around post #58438.

I "gave up" at post #59347 because a working driver was released with AstroDMx on Aug 31st.

The process was a little frustrating to this newbie so I took the easy route.

You and all the other contributors were very helpful along the way. I just gave up because I was so anxious to try the SV305 with my RPi 4B.

My programming skills and patience have definitely taken a left turn over the last 30 years.