So just got a Celestron Focus Motor for SCT installed and calibrated using the hand controller.

I got it working last night using the USB and a separate power supply just as the clouds began to roll in.

I couldn't ever get the focuser to "connect" in Ekos using only the Aux port.

Under the "Profile Editor" -> "Focuser" section, I selected "Celestron SCT"

I THINK I also tried selecting "Celestron SCT" under the aux drop down, but am not sure. I think when I tried that I was having communication problems with the mount (incorrectly configured serial connections;)

Is there a different driver that I need to install on my Pi 4 running astroberry?

Bottom line is how do I configure my Celestron focuser in the profile editor to work via the aux port of my CGEM controlled by ekos via the hand controller?