Hi there and thank you for reply.

I was worried that the screen would be of too low resolution. I will try and find a solution to keep the tablet that I have (huawei mediapad M10) workable. My problem around here, and reason why i have been looking at automating the process as much as possible is the at times -40F or below winter nights here. I live at arctic circle so at summer nights only thing one can image are brightest planets and sol. Touch screens tend to slow to halt at that weather I find (and they are total pain to use with gloves thick enough to keep fingers functional). On the good side... I need very little cooling on CCD:s or the Pi itself ^^

I did order an RPI4 and metal case with passive cooling from AKASA just earlier, that should hopefully be a good basis for a system. I have been running simulators indoors with installation on RPI3 and things look promising so far, my HEQ5, Canon DSLR and ASI120MC work as well. I will try and rack my brain on how to get the polar alignment work well while not freezing myself or the gear. If anyone has ideas I am all ears.

For mount movement I was pondering how tricky it would be to build an interface that would use some GPIO pins to take input from buttons and make actual hand paddle with buttons so large that it is pleasure to use with gloves. Losmandy used to have these and they were pleasure to handle at even worst cold. At summer game pad is handy but at winter with me having large hands as is... the use becomes impossible.

- Mika


Hi everyone

I have a question regarding astroberry server and official 7" raspberry pi display. I have PI3 and the display laying around and was wondering, if it was possible to have the pi running astroberry server show image on the raspberry pi touch screen as well, to help with tasks that need me on the telescope still such as polar alignment, or if the 800x480 resolution is too low for the purpose?. I was thinking of setup with raspberry pi with display strapped on a mount leg for polar alignment and focusing, and running rest via the web interface.

I was also wondering if my raspberry pi 3 model B+ is enough for autoguiding and DSLR imaging, or whether I should get RPI4 4gb instead?

- Mika Suoperä