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after 2 re-installs manage to get GPSD to work, can not tell you how, in the process got GPSD to work then the indi driver for the canon started to crash ??? the third install (and a lot of swearing) it all now works , this can't be normal , IS it ?  I followed the script from the astroberry install page, my 64g SD chip showed no errors

Its been a very frustrating few weeks , now the clouds have turned up,  looks like for a week



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I have a gps U blox 7 via USB cable  and a astroberry   before entering astroberry server , GPS  is working correct ,  after logging on to Astroberry  , no change  GPS data still active and correct  , log onto terminal do a gpsmon and also all good 

Now setting up Kstars with canon 6d and GPS ublox7 , press play get indi driver GPSD crashed , restart over and over again 

I have gone thru all forum pages in INDI /devices/auxiliary  and add a Device path 

   set Device="/dev/ttyACM0"  ,   in gpsmon , it shows me that location 

is my GPSD corrupted ?
update show i have the latest GPSD 
have i left out something ?

should i Remove GPSD ?

I have very poor raspberry skill / programming very very steep learning curve