Thank you both.

I found that when I clicked OK after adjusting the RGB sliders for the catalog colors, both the DSO Catalogs modal and the Catalog Colors modal would go behind the main kStars window. I was never actually clicking all the OKs that I needed to to actually select the colors.

After going through it a few times (because it still doesn't totally stick), the DSOs eventually turned red so yea, it's not bulletproof, but it this is the way to do it and it does work eventually.

Thanks again!


I tried that and it didn't work. Here is a screen recording showing what I'm doing/seeing. All the colors in this scheme are shades of red and I see no entry for DSO objects here.


I just updated kStars to 3.6.5 and while I like the blue color of the DSO outlines, when I use a red filter, I can't see them.

I've been using the color tint filter in OSX to get a totally red screen without my clumsy DIY slipcover, and I've been able to adjust pretty much everything else into various shades of red, I just can't change the color of the DSO outlines. Unfortunately I can't get an image of this as I guess the screen capture thing bypasses any of these filters.

I've looked through just about all menus and dialogs I can find. Obviously the color schemes one and then in another menu under Data > Manage DSO Catalogs > Colors, but nothing seems to change them. There are no other colors besides shades of red in my color scheme so it can't be anything there.

If someone can point me in the right direction, I'd be happy to try for a pull request as well. I feel like if we can change the colors of stars and all the lines and text, we should be able to change the color of DSOs and other things like this too.


I've used Chrome for a long time, but recently switched to Firefox. After connecting to the Stellarmate hotspot, I can open up the VNC client straight away in Chrome, but Firefox always just hangs and then says it cannot be reached after about 30 seconds.

Is there some specific privacy setting or similar that is not letting Firefox load stellarmate.local:6080/vnc.html? Does chrome have some sort of built in VNC client that FF does not have?


Jacob Rodriguez replied to the topic 'ZWO EFW crashes EKOS/Kstars' in the forum. 3 years ago

Joined just to say Stuartspink is right. My adapter and filters were sticking out just a bit too far towards each other and not allowing the wheel to spin. It would've been nice to get a message to that effect instead of crashing, but it was only a quick search to find this so not too bad.

So far really enjoying the kStars/Ekos/INDI on my Mac and RPi4, thank you devs!