Hello. I just bought Stellarmate OS and my canon 250D gives problems. In indi it does not let me change the resolution, the SET button does not work. Thank you


Hello good day.

I have been able to request the problem of the cr3 files.

I have only been able to test it at home since I have not had a good day to go out to the field and test, but it seems that everything is going more or less well.

I have solved it by following the steps that I put in this link.

Solution .

I hope someone finds it helpful.




I'm new to the forum and I've been struggling with my canon 250d and ekos for several weeks.

The camera connects perfectly, but when I put the capture in raw mode it tells me that the cr3 format is not compatible.

I have read that the new libraw requests this problem.

I do not have much knowledge of linux although I know people who could help me in this regard.

How could you solve this problem?