Steven Ball created a new topic ' Focus a Nikon Z6' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi, I am a newbie to this, I have a Nikon Z6 and I'm trying to 'knock-down' each issue before moving on to the next, I think I have solved connecting my Z6 and I now have my mount connected via EQMOD. My next task is focusing, I have setup the Ekos camera tab and I know it's connecting and taking images. In the focusing tab I can click video preview and get an image, when I try and focus, the shutter opens and Kstars Ekos crashes. I have read the but that doesn't help.

Can anyone help me out here please, there looks to be a lot of settings in both INDI and EKOS that looks like they must all be spot on to work and the permutations are just too great to work on trial and error?