Paul Imm replied to the topic 'Starters Guide to ASI294MC Pro' in the forum. 2 months ago

This camera is my 1st CMOS style camera and it has been very challenging for me.

I have caught a number of recommendations for the camera which I have been following, but I can't say that I've been successful with the settings yet.

I've followed the recommendation that Spartacus has suggested in regards to 120 Gain and 30 Offset.

I've also heard different things about shooting Flats.  One is that it is recommended to get at least 3 second frames with the Flats.  With the Flats it is recommended to get the same exposure length and settings for Dark Flats instead of Bias Frames.  I've heard that the preferred Median ADU would be a little above 30,000.  These Flats don't have to match the Gain and Offset that the Light and Dark frames are.

I'm struggling with a number of the settings with this camera however such as;
1) My flats with the Median ADU of 35,000 have a red cast to them.  The red value ADU's are typically 10,000 higher than the Median value.
2) I can see where the Red and Blue white balance is adjustable in the INDI Control Panel, but adjusting these values doesn't seem to lower the ADU for red in relation to the other 2 colors.
3) Is there a way of holding the cooler temperature to maintain a minimum temperature value?