Jasem, I just tried putting the profile I had into the trash can. I am getting the same behavior as before. The connection to Ekos intermittantly flashes on and off. When I am in Ekos there is an intermittant Syncing message about every other second.

This same network over the travel router did give me an entire night of imaging over my MacBook Pro using Real VNC.

Is there an area online that I could go to that shows suggested settings for using a travel router with the Stellarmate App?

I do believe that I am at least in a state where using the iPad to connect to the Pi with Ekos gives me a good time sync with Ekos and travel router over Real VNC. That however is a lengthy process to do this every night that I am imaging.

It might be advantageous if I start another thread more specific to the Stellarmate App if there isn't a simple solution to the bad connection issue.