@ Jay S - absolutely second that plea for a simple install of all working drivers.

@ nou = I have in some despair and despite the clear indications in the README's that single driver installation is not only possible but preferable, attempted to build all the drivers, after installing Indi-Core and all the prerequsites, The build fails with numerous requests to install individual drivers again before attempting to make. There are no instrucfions as to how to install anything before make.

None of these failed drivers are required for anything I want to use.

Again, can I request some assistance in building one or two single drivers, with associated libraries, and installing. Jasem said 'its not complicated' and referred again to his README tutorials, These are complicated by addressing in parallel (apparently) different ways of building the libraries, so that no one method is laid out end to end. For instance, it is not clear whether there is actually a requirement for Iibindi-dev, or whether this is an extra (purpose not specified) or whether it is a useful short-cut when installing a single driver. There is even a suggestion in this thread that that is the only library which is required for building all the drivers.

To a newbie, this is complicated, and I agree it should not be.

It would be extremely helpful if someone could lay out all the steps, from absolute zero, necessary to install one driver and associated libraries. I don't expect this to require only one library. IF (to anticipate an objection) the libraries required depend on what sort of driver is to be installed, then of course it makes sense to install all of them. Or (for instance, I am making this up) to install a camera driver it may always be necessary to install gphoto. But not for a mount. Etc..

AND, as a Debian (Raspberry OS) user, it would be even more helpful if all these could be installed with sudo apt-get.

Yours in hope ....