I have had my mount Park at dawn twilight in the past, but it did not do so the last few sessions. If the job is set to repeat until stopped, is the preemptive shutdown checkbox needed to get the Park behavior back?
I seem to have had a couple of settings "wander" recently, including pre-twilight 'safety margin' getting set to 30 minutes, where in the past my jobs would continue until actual twilight.

Speaking of which, is there a use for having two separate settings that affect the same thing? If I set 'dawn offset' to +0.5 and (unbeknownst to me until I looked) the 'safety margin' at 30 minutes, capture is aborted at the start of twilight, even though the Scheduler screen shows capture should continue until 30 minutes beyond the start of twilight.

If there really is a need for both settings, can the scheduler read both and correctly report the actual end time?