Ferraro created a new topic ' Scheduler strategy : help needed' in the forum. 3 months ago

I'm quite new using PI4 and astroberry and I appreciate the the general philosophy of this solution (PI gadget + open software).
By the way I wanted to use the scheduler to have an automated solution (all the rig is in the garden) and capture images during the week without waiting all the night long.
My first attempts are frustrating me since every night something is going wrong. 
For instance, this night I schedule a first sequence on NGC3628 (hamburger galaxy) from 10pm to 2am (I have trees in my neighbour's  garden) and then a second  sequence from 2am to 5am on M64.
For each sequence I wanted to use a LUM filter and an IRpass Filter (it's a test to avoid light pollution). So my sequence was 12 images with Lum + 12 images with IRpass repeated for 2 runs.
This morning I have 12 Lum images, and 11 IRpass images. Just before the 12th IRpass image, the mount do the meridian flip (all is correct) and the guiding hangs and never resumes...  The mount waits until 5am and then parks! The second sequence never starts.
So, what should be the best strategy to be sure that after an error or perhaps x minutes without any image captured (This night I have no error, just the capture module waiting for guiding!)  to skip current sequence and go to the next one? 

Thanks for your help