Thanks. I'll try is in a next week, however I don't know what INDI::CCD means.


It has been a LONG time since I have done coding so looking at the open source code is probably not going to be useful :-)

What I can do, now that I am aware of the intermittent issue, is to constantly keep track of my equipment and what I was doing at the time in order to try to reproduce the problem.
For example, the issue occurred the evening of Aug 10 beginning about 10PM when taking 30 180 second subs each for G,B & Ha imaging NGC 6995. The 6th blue sub had the FILTER field but no other subs did. All the images were fine and the system correctly did a meridian flip around 1:15AM CDT.

My setup was:
Ceestron EDGE 9.25 with 0.7x (primary) with ASI 1600mmPro camera
ZWO guidescope
EFW 8 position filter wheel connected thru the USB port on the camera with LRGBHaSiiOiiiK filters installed
GPSD dongle
Pegasus Focuscube
EQMOD mount
running on a Raspberry PI 4 with latest Stellarmate software 1.7.2 connected to a Windows 10 system running Kstars 3.6.0 with Ethernet

Again, I will track when/if this happens again if I can isolate if particular components are involved.
Tahnks for the support.


I also ran into the issue of no filter information in my subs last night - doing R,G and Ha subs. Pixinsights or DeepSkyStacker treats all the images as luminance.
I am at Kstars 3.6.0. Stellarmate 1.7.2


John Schultz replied to the topic 'First try at a mosaic' in the forum. 2 years ago

Looks great to me! Are you using Stellarmate/EKOS and would you be willing to share your mosaic files capture routines. Rather than me relearning what you have just done.


PS struggling to get a picture with Stellarmate at the moment.