Juergen created a new topic ' Flags unusable?' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi all,
I tried to set a flag for the center of my next project. I want to use a faint star with the coordinates (J2022.6, but also tried 2000.0) RA 20h57m06s DEC 31°29'29"
At these coordinates there is a faint star with 13.2mag. Since it is a little bit difficult to find, I wanted to set a flag. I tried both right click the star and "set flag" and typing the ccordinates into the flag manager. Both times same result: the flag manager changed the coordinates in RA to 01h23m48s! I tried it several times, always the same result.

Is this a bug or a feature? ;-) Or is this a PEBCAK?

I'm using Stellarmate 1.7.2 (Kstars 3.6.0) with the latest updates.