Juergen replied to the topic 'Ekos previews' in the forum. 2 months ago

Hi Steve,
perhaps it would be good to focus the scope during the day on a distant object to get at least the rough focus. During daytime you maybe have to reduce the exposure time to 0.01s or even less, and also play with the gain. Then dont touch the focus until night ;-)

After you get this rough focus you can point your scope at night to a bright star and play around with gain and exposure time. The problem may be, that your 4se has 1.4m focal length and therefor a quite small field of view (*). This brings some more difficulties. I think to start with an exposure time of 2-5s should be ok, then you have to play with gain until you see stars. The stars then maybe not in exact focus but near to it (since the stars are even more distant than your object during daytime).

(*) Perhaps one recommendation: use stellarium to look, what you can get into your field of view. In stellarium you can set your focal length and your camera parameters (pixel size and so on) and you will see, what area you can see.

Good luck ;-)