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You can enter the focal length of your telescope and the size of your camera sensor into stellarium and check, how "big" your field is, which you can see with your setup. At least for my stellarium (version 0.22.2) it is that way that you can click on the "wrench" in the upper right edge of the screen to go to the setup of "sensors" and "telescopes" and you can click on the circle with the rectangle in it (the third symbol from the right) on the upper right edge to get that red rectangel on the sky map.

A few pictures:
look at the right upper edge with the symbols (you can also see an example for my sensor, and also the OAG but that is not important for you):

second picture shows the "telescope" list, my 8inch F% newton as example here:

And here the resulting sketch of the field of fiew for the setup (with info about pixel size and size of the FOV):