Hello again

After 2 weeks of cloudy weather I finally got to test the camera with the new driver under clear skies last night.
Unfortunately, I’ve run into a new issue.

After slewing to a target, I tried to run the (Internal) plate solver with the Omegon Pro camera to accurately position my telescope.
The first solve worked perfectly fine, the telescope realized it was pointing to the wrong spot, issued a correction and captured another image. Right after that, the whole KStars program completely crashed. I tried the whole thing again 2 times, same result. I also tried selecting the Sync option in the plate solver and running multiple solves separately, again KStars crashed after capturing the second image.
I then also tried to plate solve with my ZWO Asi 120mc-s camera and it worked perfectly fine.

Could this be an issue with the driver, or am I doing something wrong?