christopher replied to the topic 'iOptron PEC update to drivers' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hi all,

Testing is complete on the new version of the code. Parking works, slewing works, PEC recording and playback works well.
I managed to get a really nice smooth curve out of GPG predictive guiding and recorded.
If you want to create a PEC recording and then, to just image without guiding, then this is a great option.

However, once PEC is recorded and playing back, it is not possible to guide well anymore.
This seems to be a conflict in the firmware. From what i can see this is what happens:
PEC issues a predictive pulse and then guider issues a reactive pulse, so they double count.
What then happens is that the corrections get bigger and bigger as it doubles up.
If the firmware, could output the PEC pulses, the driver could spot them and cancel them.
or if the firmware could look for the double counts, then it could cancel them.

Both these require, iOptron to update the firmware, so not counting on this happening soon.

I will see if any work around exsit in code for other mounts.