christopher replied to the topic 'Save PEC from GPG to the mount' in the forum. 2 years ago


I have looked into this for the iOptron mounts, because you cannot load a PECPREP file into chip via the firmware.
ie. you need to do a old school recording on these mounts. So i just let GPG run for 60min, then i record a smooth run.
(re-record if guiding outside 2 arc seconds, also a windless full moon night is preferable)

The issue with this is 2 fold, GPG includes other periodic errors from polar misalignment, from balance issues and from PEC.
So for a permanently mounted observatory mount, this will work quite well, but for tear down mounts this is a major issue.
If you move your mount, then this is not a good solution as each setup, the balance and the polar align will be different.

Another solution you can test, if you are technically inclined, is to take the log from your guiding session and load it into PECPREP.
Then look for the best cycle, smooth it out and load it into your mount. (if your mount supports PEC file loading.)
I have managed to load the logs and generate a smooth cycle myself, but alas, i cannot load it into my mount.