christopher replied to the topic 'iOptron PEC update to drivers' in the forum. 2 years ago

Okay, making a bit more sense to me now.

Apologies have not had a good oppertunity for last 2 weeks, so have not been able to get a decent night to do this.
The reason i needed to drop down to 1ms is because my PEC cycle was generated off guiding data, where correction where being applied to the mount.
at 20ms, there are hardly any pulses applied with my (incorrect) data. I will need to do this with a log where mount corrections are not applied.

I suspect the west positive means west pier side as well. But would need to confirm this.

I think i understand dephase now, ie. in the data it will be a series of negative, then switch to positive for a while and then back to negative.
You want to count the number of pulses 1 per second to get to the point where the switch over happens. - Got it.

I think i am all ready now to try this for real, where the rain clears later this week.