Paolo created a new topic ' Bad guiding, how can I fix things?' in the forum. 10 months ago

last time I used my equipment (Oct 2021), everything worked fine. Guiding was very good, as it had always been (tot rm ~0.5).
Then I had to send my imaging scope away for repair, so I did nothing up until Feb 2022. I took everything out again (I setup and teardown every night) to do a test session and, while focus, imaging, aligning, etc worked super fine, guiding was a nightmare.
The tot RMS was constantly > 0.7, with peaks to 1.3. I thought I did something wrong, so I called it a day and stopped the session.
Then yesterday night I went out for another test session. This time I did everything perfectly (very good PA, mount 3D balanced), but the guiding results were awful again. It's was like guiding was unstable, tot RMS went from 0.6 to 2.5 even though outside there was no wind (my mount is partially protected from wind though) or animals that could have caused that. I tried playing around with some parameters, but they didn't help much (probably because I don't know how to tune them).

* iOptron CEM70
* ASI290MM mini
* APM 50mm f/4.1 guide scope
* QHY268M + TecnoSky AG70 for imaging

Guiding settings:
* exp time 2.5-4s, then settled to 3s
* remove DEC backlash enabled
* Reset Guide calibration after each slew enabled
* pulse 1000
* max iters 3
* max move (px) 15
* two axis enabled
* gpg ra guider enabled and set to 348
* aggress 0.75/0.75 (I played with those values, some times it got better with 0.5/0.5)

* PEC is disabled
* Kstars 3.5.7-stable and INDI 1.9.4-stable on openSUSE

I honestly don't know what to do to improves things. I've tried PA with iPolar + EKOS, only EKOS, only iPolar. I've tried 3D balanced, a bit unbalanced, but couldn't get the very good guiding I had last year :( and suggestions/tips for me?