Jack replied to the topic 'indi_celestron_aux' in the forum. 2 years ago

Ok, seemingly still no luck.

I ignored any external alignment (it's now daytime) and just tried to sync two approximate sky points within KStars as described. This started with the scope pointing approximately toward menkar, aligning that, then slewing it (using kstars) to the west approximately where Enif would be and doing a second sync.

The telescope pointer within kstars started due north on the horizon, then swung west when i slewed the scope west. However it has not taken into account either sync point.

I've attached the log for the quick test run. Also added a picture of the (i think) relevant sections cut out if thats easier. And finally have added the alignment section of the indi control panel, showing 3 sync points registered.. and the alignment subsystem active.. but not much else?

Edit: Just in case 2 points wasn't enough.. added another vague sync point at Apheratz.

Thanks for the pointers so far... hopefully I can get things sorted eventually!