Jack created a new topic ' Inverted KStars movement?!' in the forum. 2 years ago

Hey Everyone,

I started using stellarmate a few weeks ago, and had a few issues which I got sorted out. I have however decided to start from scratch per se, and installed indi on a fresh install of Ubuntu on my raspberry pi, with KStars / Ekos on my macbook.

Connections all work fine, and control to my dslr and scope work (almost) fine. The issue is... the mount controls through KStars do the right thing.. left moves the scope left, right right, up up, down down. *However*.. within KStars the direction indicated moves the *opposite* direction.

I've got my time and geo set in KStars correctly (was my first thought, as i'm in the southern hemisphere).. and i'm sure it's just a setting i'm missing somewhere or something that's strange.

Any pointers?!