SpaceDust wrote: DrWho,
The description of your problem matches exactly mine.
In my case it was the longitude that was wrong. The hemisphere obviously also needs to be the correct, and lastly the hour.
I suggest you have it gathering the hour from the system to troubleshoot, but ideally you would get coordinates and time from the GPS.
The key aspect is that if the time or longitude are wrong the calculated Zenith is pointing on the wrong direction.

One more critical aspect.
My DEC always starts with a full rotation Eastwards, regardless where the target is. I don’t know why, but it does once at the begging of a session IF I didn’t park at the end of the previous session. If I park it, it never does that full rotation. If I don’t park it, it always starts with a full rotation (once I start slewing)

Give it a try. Apart from these little tricks, I super pleased with the portability of the RPi.

Tried again tonight. Took scope of mount and tried to see what would happen if I didnt abort go to. I selected Andromeda. It got there eventually but only after going all around the houses on the dec axis as you described i.e. it went pretty much 360 degrees. when I park the mount it then slews all the way back. Obviously, this is an impractical situation. I cannot take the scope off to slew to target all of the time.
What I do not understand is the software knows where thev target is and where the scope is supposed to be going. It will get it there, but only by going the wrong way around. This makes it unusable at the moment. Logs attached again.
WRT PAC I cannot find a way to turn off in the mount drive unit.


Thank you for your reply. I have retried with location updated by kstars and conforming to my location i.e. longitude now correct. Still the same problem.

I statrt with scope in home position and the scope location when I slew seems completely wrong. I can even see the cursor of the scope moving in the wrong way. If I click on an object say andromeda galaxy and then tell it to go to, the cursor does not go to there but off in a completyely wrong direction. Logs attached.


Glad you got it working. I checked and rechecked coordinates several times ensuring they were correct. I also ensured that latitude and longitude were not mixed up (as a sailor I am very aware of that!).

To be honest, I have got fed up with trying to make it work and have found dealing with a Linux based system not the easiest - for example trying to run off an SSD which I got working eventually, but only after finding that the drive enclosure I had bought had a chipset that didnt work with the PI and spending several days trawling forums to work out how to do it. Also tried to install a USB wireless adapter - not joy after following various forums to find out how to get it to work.

Have had no feedback after posting my logs and required information other that from you.

Therefore, I have decided to give up on Stellarmate and INDI and go back to working with a windows based ASCOM sytem where at least installing a basic peripheral does not take several days! Am going to sell the Raspberry Pi with Stellarmate and put it down to experience...


I am guessing nobody has any thoughts suggestions based on the logs?


Update, I have purged both park options data and configuration. It appears to park with the cursor pointing at polaris now but when I click on a target and issue a go to it always slews east - no matter whether the target object is in the east of west. You can see the cursor moving and it always heads in the same direction no matter what the target. I have also noticed that if I look at an objects coordinates in kstars and then look at the object position in the eqmod mount control, the coordinates do not match.

A log files from earlier today is attached.

Also to note, when attached to a windows laptop running ascom, this issue does not occur and the mount slews correctly.


Logs from this evening attached.

One thing that immediatley springs to mind is that in the INDI control panel, the EQ coordinates do not seem to coincide with where the scope is pointing. If the mount is in parked position and I sync to polaris. I can look up xcoordinates of polaris but the do not match with this. If I then press 'set' the mount slews somewhere completely different - presumably to where it thinks those coordinates are.


As above I have done the purge all configuration several times. Drive is EQMod mount.


Wouter, thank you for replying. The longitude makes sense. See reply above with regard to mount.
I am working today but will record and submit logs later.


Hi Paul,

Thank you for the reply and apologies for not providing more information. The mount is an EQ5 and is driven by the Astrogadget EQstar pro

I have tried all 3 options for time and date but these problems seems to persist. I have also followed the Stellarmate instructions for clearing data (i.e. purge all data, disconnect, switch off mount drive etc).


A few weeks ago I decided I would go down the route of controlling my mount etc using a raspberry Pi with Stellarmate OS. Clear nights have been rare and when one did occur on Thursday, I went out with the simple ambition of photographing M42. It was nothing but frustrating. One I finally got polar aligned I thought I would slew to roughly align the scope and use plate solving to properly align. The mount slewed to somewhere located beneath the ground i.e. completely the wrong way.

I have spent most of this afternoon trying fault find. The mount consistently slews the wrong way. It also throws other problems up like showing the scope position as below the horizon at times, or tells me that when when slewing to an object that is obviously above the horizon, that it cannot slew there because it is above the horizon. The scope is parked and I have also updated the parked position to current when in a parked state.

To sanity check, I connected the mount to my Windows Tablet which I used previously. The cope slews correctly when using CdC under Ascom.

I have fitted a RTC module from the Pi Store and it is showing the correct time.

Looking at the INDI control panel, the latitude is correct but the longitude sometimes shows 357:21:01:0 - I am in Bristol UK so clearly nonsense. This is despite setting my location in Kstars as my home town. Sometimes it shows location as 0 for both lat and long. Also when the mount is pointing at north (which it sometimes shows it is in kstars) alignment in the INDI control panel shows a RA and DEC that does not correspond with the RA and DEC of where it says it is pointing.

When slewing to a target I have clicked on in Kstars and issued a go to command for it does not even slew in the direction of the target that I have marked.

All of this is incredibly frustrating, and I am wondering if there is any actual solution to it or whether I am better just going back to a Windows machine. Any advice would be gratefully receieved....


Richard Wesson replied to the topic 'Joystick button assignment' in the forum. 5 months ago

Thank you Jaseem. It seemed to fail to save a couple of times but appears to be working properly now. Thanks for your help.


Richard Wesson created a new topic ' Joystick button assignment' in the forum. 5 months ago

Hi, new here and new to INDI.

I have put together a Raspberry Pi4b with stellarmate OS. I have my equipment connected successfully and have managed to incorporate a Joystick (Xbox controller type) which connects and controls the mount. However, what I want to do is to change the assignment of the buttons as I find the standard assignment slightly counter intuitive (to me). I can do this in the INDI control panel under mount- joystick, but the problem is, that after I shut down and restart the button assignment has reverted back to the standard scheme and the my custom layout is not changed. I cannot see where to save my custom assignment - I am probably missing something very obvious being a newbie. Can anybody help?