That is what I found out. It worked and then for some reason it quit. I changed the USB to USB0 and now it seems to work all the time.

Since you responded here I do have a question for you. I considered getting StellarMate but I could get Astroberry with instant gratification. Astroberry is Kstars/INDI/EKOS plus PHD2. I have been running it with my Sony A7R4 and CEM40G. Everything works fine but for two things which would cause me to buy StellerMate in a a blink of an eye if it fixes any of these issues. The biggest issue is that it will crash several times. I can usually recover from a crash in few minutes but it is not fun. The second thing is that the Sony Images don't download. I still get the FITS file in EKOS so the fact that I have to go to the camera to get the raw files is not big deal.

So the to kill for function to me is to get focus control for Sony Lenses. I can do this in the Sony Imaging Edge software but as you know it is hard to get the best focus looking at a not so magnified star image. Some other metric like full width 1/2 max would work. EKOS has auto focus for telescopes but not for the cameras. I set us gphoto2 and I think that it can control the focus but I haven't figured that out. I say this because the camera has a configuration called CrDeviceProperty_NearFar. And it has values from -7 to +7. The Imaging Edge software has focus buttons that move the focus new and far with 3 choices of step size. I am guessing that that corresponds to NearFar of -7 -3 -1 and +1 +3 and +7.

So I guess I am writing all of this because I am hoping someone can either give me a tip that will enable me to implement this function or someone like you could add this as a feature to StellarMate. This would be a big hep to people like me who are using camera's for Astrophotography before advancing to a telescope.