I thought I would follow up with what I have learned. I now use the V4L2 which gives the iGuide camera and makes me fowl better that using iPolar. Set the detector width to 1280 pixels in the INDI panel and set the pixel size to 3.75 as it defaults to 640 and 5.6. You have to do this every time. EKOS won't let you set the integration time longer than 0.5 but PHD2 will allow you to set it up to 3.5 seconds.

Because you need to set this every time you start EKOS you can change the guid telescope to 5.6/3.75*120 = 179.2mm which it will remember. This gives the same IFOV are 3.75 @ 120. Then you only need to change the 640 to 1280.