Kurt Lanes replied to the topic 'Focus Control for Sony A7 Series' in the forum. 3 months ago


I am using the A7R4. It seems to work fine. I saw some strange exposures last night that were 1/10th second but the ones longer than 1 sec seemed to work. I tried using the gphoto driver last night instead of the Sony driver. I have tried running on both the RPI and Mabook. I have tried a lot of things but can't get the photos to download to either the RPI or MacBook. Strange though is that I do get the FITS returned. My RP4 8GB running Astroberry is really too slow for this. It is ok for general astrophotography when you exposures are very long and you don't care but trying to adjust lens focus is a pain because of the speed to analyze the fits. I am considering buying a Mac Mini and remote into it.