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We currently have the same problem. In terms of upgrading our observatory, we are just started to deal with all the Kstars/ekos/indi stuff.
The hardware for the tests, are for example, an Fuji X-T3, a raspberry pi (astroberry) and a laptop with MS Win and Kstars.
After fiddling out that the X-T3 has to be set to USB-Tethering in its menue we can take preview images via ekos.
But before the preview is prompted, we get the Error that it is the wrong bayern pattern "GGGG". Is there a troubleshooting for it? I will try to change the FITS option to RAW, like you did timopro.


Felix and the members of the Freunde der Schulastronomie e.V.


Hi all & everyone,

First post, yey... :)

I have the same issue. We are using Kstars on Windows and an Raspi with the Kstars/ekos system.
We are currently testing the hardware how it works and just fiddling into all the stuff.
Currently we are testing it with a Fuji X-T3. After finally fiddling out how the Camera can be switched to Tethering mode. After that it was possible to not just connect to the camera but also make a preview picture. But then a error came up. Sorry, that I donĀ“t have the exact phrase at the moment but it was like "GGGG - wrong bayernpattern". I have read in another Thread that the raspberry is not yet able to handl X-Trans Chips.


After the Error-Prompt wer get a preview, but it is only a gray horizontal line.

We are interested in the problem too.

Felix and the rest of the Club!