JIm Frost created a new topic ' EKOS on Mac Mini' in the forum. 1 year ago

Hello all,
I'm currently running Astroberry on a mount attached RPi4 (with M.2 512Gb SSD) and remoting in from indoors.I have an extended aerial on the RPi for the WiFi so all is good with the connection. I have found recently however that the RPi/Astroberry is liable to crash whenever it is asked to do something out of the normal. For instance, cancel a plate solve or a mount solve routine. I then have to restart Astroberry and restart EKOS......
I was thinking of getting a refurbished Mac Mini (16Gb RAM and an SSD) and loading up KStars / EKOS / PHD2 and having that at the mount and then remoting in from a MacBook using something like Screens.
My current set up is an HEQ5 PRO guiding with a ZWO120MM/Mini and a Redcat51 plus Altair 26C Hypercam all running through a Pegasus Powerbox Advance 2. I'm thinking that the large image size of the Altair might be overloading the RPi and causing these crashes??
I'd be more than grateful to hear from anyone with any comments and thanks in advance.