JIm Frost created a new topic ' Image issues with Altair 26C' in the forum. 10 months ago

Until recently I have been using my Altair 26C with no issues running Astroberry/RPi4. The last couple of sessions over the last few days I have been seeing some strange issues with the images that I have been capturing.

1. The individual image file size has jumped from 49.5Mb to 74.5Mb.
2. It also appears that images are not being de-bayered (hence the huge file size) and are also only 8bit instead of the usual 16bits.

This means that when I try to process the images in Siril I am getting "MAD is Null" errors and the process stops.

I have been through my set up in EKOS/INDI and I cannot see what if anything that I have changed to cause this. I would be grateful for any pointers please.