MountainAir created a new topic ' Automatic Offset Calculation' in the forum. 4 months ago

I've been using KStars/Ekos for over a year, and I used it to build all my bias, dark and dark flat calibration libraries.  In doing so, I used the gain and offset that I typically use during imaging sessions, which was often gleaned from online commentary.

However, I recently ran into that equipment connection issue in INDI, so I began using a Windows MiniPC running ASCOM.  I really like how ASCOM automatically adjusts the offset for ASI cameras based on the gain, but this wasn't always in agreement with what I had been using in my camera's calibration libraries.  So, I'm going to identify the ASCOM offfset for each of the gains I use and re-generate my calibration libraries to match what ASCOM recommends.

My question to the INDI team is:  Can INDI also auto-compute the ideal offset based on a user-specified gain?  This one feature will help improve imaging sessions, particularly for new hobbyists who don't yet have the discipline to run a checklist three times before pressing the start button.