I bought a old Lenovo Thinkcenter M71 2 months ago, I3 intel RAM 4Gb, added a SSD 250Gb and i have installed Linux Mint Mate on it. I have adapt the script from AstroPi3 to my needs and voilĂ .

Just a couple of issue

  1. No wifi card in the PC. I bought a wifi dongle TP link , but it could not be set in Hotspot mode with the regular dirver from distro. But it works fine for Windows 10, so i thought it is a driver issue. I found the driver on the net and compiled it for Linux, and it runs fine with creating a good Wifi hotspot.

  2. The remote control : i hit a old issue with Remote control, when you have no monitor plugged to the PC. The dummy video driver solution works well but with that, you can't plug and use a monitor. I know there's a way to handle this better with code, but I eventually ended this with buying a dummy video DVIport dongle.
So far, it is better than the Raspberry Pi4 8G, mainly the video remote control. I also can use Siril and other programs directly on this very PC, during Night session. And create/adapt script more for test.