Hi everyone,

I have spent some times on my setup with Linux Mint MATE.

I have some freezing with VNC client and Reminna on Linux machine (not on Windows or android and iOS apps). I gave a try for NoMachine and it is way faster than before. It runs on all platforms, There’s also a dark theme mode for display, good thing on the night. So I will stay with NoMachine.

Other topic, I am a DSO astrophotographer for 2 years, and I am starting to try some planetary imaging with an ASI 178MC. For the moment,Ekos is not well designed for this task. After some diggings in this very forum, I found this post about the software AstroDMx Capture on linux distro, and it seems to be very good after my first attemps on shooting Jupiter and hte moon in the city using an ASI178MC and an mini telescope on dobson . I need to try with my newton and barlow, but it seems promising.