Joe replied to the topic 'How Update Kstars on Astroberry RPi4' in the forum. 3 years ago

Thanks Ed, for your reply. I'm just a beginner and not so familiar with software like those other guys here.
Meanwhile i figured out a lot of already solved problems here by other persons, the problem is that i have to read all that stuff.

The Status for me is at the moment that I'm using Astroberry on an Raspi 4 8G together with an GPIO GPS GEO 7m module. I did some changes in the config file and now it works fine.
I had still a problem with the indi_lx200_OnStep driver which i updated to the latest build (1.9.2 20.7.2021).
There is still going changes on progress and hope this will tackle my problem.

Now the indi_lx200_OnStep don't crash but I cannot control my mount by Ekos.
My KStars was updated by Astroberry repositors to 3.5.4.

May be that I should downgrade it to 3.5.3

My goal is to have KStars running on the Rpi.
The other solution could be to use the repositos from Jasem like Khalid proposed running Ubuntu connected directly to OnStep. But I prefere to use RPI as a standalone controling the system via VPN.

OnStep is running to the last stable version (4.24).

I#m still interested to any comments how to tackle this or how get a running KStars/OnStep system.