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Hi everyone, I have a problem with my EQ5 Pro mount.
I use Ekos on Raspberry Pi 4 with Astroberry and use the EQMod driver.
When the telescope points west there is no problem, I have to keep the DEC inverted but it points correctly and the plate solving always works. The problem arises when I want to point east and then pass the meridian, the mount often does not reach the desired point correctly and above all the driver does not reverse the DEC. This step causes the plate solving to fail and after the errors the mount is parked in the correct position.
To make the telescope work correctly, I have to manually remove the DEC Reverse and this is a problem during long remote sessions.
I tried to look for some particular settings but I could not find anything about it.
Has anyone had the same problem as me?
What can I do to solve?
Hope you can help me, thank you very much


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