Hi MIke,

Some time has passed.. I replaced the handset batteries and upgraded the firmware of the CP3 box to V2. 

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I have now more predictable behavior from the mount w.r.t. connecting, (un)parking, meridian flip, and slewing to the right spot.

However, I still experience two problems:
- The mount does not automatically start tracking after slewing to an object from park position. When slewing from a tracking situation, tracking commences for the new object.
- The month seems to lose connection to the raspberry pi after some time with the following error message "ERROR    558.837511 sec    : check_lx200ap_status: wrote, but nothing received.
ERROR    563.841507 sec    : Reading sidereal time failed 1769300527"
- Upon this error message, the mount stops tracking and does not respond to other comments.

I attach the log files for your reference. Hope somebody can help.

BR | Marcel