I have a similar issue with calibration and guiding .

I am using a Celestron CGEM ( DX)  mount and added this in to the  Ekos profile , I have yet to get any tracking to work or complete a calibration sequence,  things just seem to hang after one direction of calibration movement with Stars just continuing to move out of the FOV .

Work sequence is to set up my system point north and with the Nextstar hand set do a 2 star align , when the hand set then returns "ready " I fire up Astroberry ,should I be doing this at all ?

In the Indi profile I select the CGEM mount ( which  have ) , HOWEVER my connection is via the serial port on the Nextstar hand set , so should I in fact select " Nextsar " not CGEM ?

Over all the software is a fantastic piece of kit just very frustrating when I cant quite get it all to talk to each other ( both ZWO 294 MC camera and Starlight express Loadstar function and send images as hoped for ).